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1966: L'alluvione di Firenze

Il 4 novembre del 1966
l'Arno allagava la città.
Le immagini e i racconti
di quei giorni in un libro.
Dal senatore USA
Ted Kennedy
al prof.Umberto Baldini,
dal ministro Vannino Chiti
al prof. Alfio Del Serra
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Art of Mask: Course of mask in Florence, Italy

The Art of the Mask In Italy you can have your course of mask in papier maché in one of the most beautiful cities of the world: Florence.
The course in hold by Agostino Dessì and his daughter Alice, born in the middle of art and masks.
You can have your course for only euro 500.00 (approx. USD 680.00), a good price for a so interesting course and during your journey you can get time to visit to visit Ponte Vecchio and Uffizi, Piazza Signoria and Santa Croce. But you can also eat good food and drink Italian wine.
If you are interested, Alice can also rent a room in her pensione in the heart of Florence, few steps from San Lorenzo and Duomo.


The Art of the Mask

Course on the theory and practice
of papier-maché mask making in Florence, Italy

For your course you can book your room in the Heart of Florence

 Online Application Form

Cost of course (5 lessons for a total of 20 hours in 5 days)
Euro 500.00 (
US$ 680.00*) including material

*US$ price could change due to the rate of exchange
Lessons: Monday-Friday (morning or afternoon)

Professor Agostino Dessì creates and produces, with his daughter Alice, his own hand crafted, original, classical and fantastic masks in papier-maché, leather, and ceramics, using 17th century art techniques. Agostino's masks are hand painted in tempera, water colors and acrylics. They are silver and gold leafed, and polished with a special French lacquer.

Agostino's unique creations include:

a) masks for the Italian theatre (commedia dell' arte and cinema);
b) masks for the Carnival of Venice;
c) masks for pantomimes, collections, and furnishings;
d) portrait masks

Agostino's exhibitions

Each course covers the following areas:

1) Clay sculpting of a model of a mask in any style (fantastic, commedia dell'arte, Venetian carnival, etc.)

2) Pouring the plaster to form a negative of the mask

3) Applying Agostino's papier-maché technique to create a positive of the mask
  4) Finishing the mask, cutting spaces for the eyes, affixing the laces or elastic

5) Painting or applying the gold and silver leaf to the mask

6) Coating or antiquing the mask

Online Application Form

For your course you can book your room in the Heart of Florence

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Course of mask in Florence, Italy

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